Integrate With Centrium

A full integration with Centrium hotels within the system, see their inventory, apply your rates and commissions and the system will automatically book them.

Travel and tour operators operate under a strict and small budget, Centrium allows the management to get the full answer to the tour operator needs in one small system, with Centrium you don’t need to install any software or special hardware in your company, just browse the internet, Centrium is supported on all major browsers and operating systems.

Travel and tour operators move away from expensive, complicated legacy systems and traditional distribution channels – operators prefer to deal with the customer directly or directly with the agent without the need of a BSP or GDS therefor increasing the revenue in their company income.

Centrium operates a dedicated support line, the support is accessible in various ways, the first one is a small “help” button located within the system, this button allows you to chat directly with one of the support representatives (when available) or send an e-mail with an automated screen shot of the current screen you are in, the second channel is through standard e-mail address, the third channel is through our support website, located at there you can also find a full knowledge base of the system with picture training and soon it will include video, the last channel is our Skype center or our direct phone lines for support which are available during working hours.

Centrium updates on a regular basis, our customers can always follow us on our twitter account to get updates on system updates, updates etc.