Centrium RES

Centrium RES offers a complete solution to store and distribute information of accommodation and room details, promotions, stop sell etc. Web based Hotel Reservation system allows hotel or chain of hotel to manage their hotel inventory online and distribute it across the globe.

Online Hotel Reservation System allows setting up suppliers and their business. Hotel CRS (Central Reservation System) allows individual suppliers to manage the complete details of their inventory and get real time reports.

User Management

    • Create users at different level and define access rights at each user level.
    • Information stored in CRS has a restricted access for users of the respective levels.

Role Management

Create users at operational levels who have rights to manage multiple businesses and inventory of subordinate user.

Business Analytics

User can view various dynamic details on the Dashboard. Displayed details can be filtered based on some criteria

Nationality Specific Rates

Define room rates based on nationality.

Promotion / Offer Management

Set up promotion/offers for a specific period with exception criteria.

Stop Sell

Set black out dates (stop sell) for an inventory to make it unavailable for online booking.

Policy Management

Set up different policies by providing their respective details and parameters.

Comprehensive Report Generation

Comprehensive Report generation for various business objectives