Hotel Website Portal

Centrium offers Hotel Website with Content Management System (CMS) to manage web content, images, audio files etc. To ensure high flow of public in highly competitive market, it is essential that the web content be reorganized in the line of the latest developments.

The Content Management System (CMS) is user-friendly tool to maintain web content easily, quickly and cost effectively. Centrium CMS software is a cost effective solution as you can manage content related to the promotions, hotel photos, hotel description, details etc on your own. CMS gives an independent and full control of the website. Without the help of any technical expert or HTML knowledge reuse and insert content in your website.

Manage Website

  • User can manage web content in WYSIWYG editor.
  • User can add/edit webpage content, upload images, PDF files etc.

No Technical Expertise Required

  • Re-use web content without much more technical knowledge.
  • User can organize the web pages in hierarchical and sequential order and set link on each page for redirection to the same.

Manage Information

  • User can manage Advertisement, Newsletter, Testimonial, Press Release and FAQs displayed on the site
  • Manage various module level settings related to the records and user type.

Leverage Information Captured

Store site visitors’ information and their preferences for marketing campaign.

Web Sharing and SEO Improvement

  • Share website content with other websites and applications. User can easily integrate newer Business modules, RSS.
  • Host the same content for multiple domains.
  • Create search engine friendly page with potential content to get easily optimized for search engine.
  • User can create Tag Cloud and manage hyperlinks at each tag.

Social Media Integration

  • Site visitor can post their review for Deals/offer on the Social Media websites like Facebook.
  • Site visitor can follow Travel Portal profile at the Social Media website – Twitter to get updates.
  • User can also login into the system with his/her Facebook account details.