Cross Wide System Benefits

  • No installation required – As the system is a web based system, you don’t need to install anything, just open a browser (we support them all) and start working.
  • Agents CRS – Have your agents start working with you in no time, give them usernames and passwords to the system, they will only see their data and will have complete (up to a certain extant) control over the booking.
  • Website and system talk… – Once a member of a staff starts a booking in the CRS, the system will automatically update the website, enabling the customer to print his tickets online, if you wish you can set up a booking and have the customer pay online.
  • Integrated E-mails – Our systems are fully equipped with an e-mail server, so sending a booking to a customer is easy, just a couple of clicks.
  • Customization is the name of the game – You can control almost anything – Users, Permissions, Printing and E-mail layouts, Reporting permissions and more.
  • No limits – we don’t limit you with the quantity of users, agents, flights, bookings, customers and more.
  • BI Dashboard – a BI (business intelligence) Dashboard, where you can see the orders online, sum of all your hotel performance.
  • Integrated Google solutions – we integrate any Google solution, like Google analytics for your website, Google apps for your domain and more.
  • E-mail alerts – several options of e-mail alerts for customer / agent / yourself.